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Shooting Paper Patched Bullets

acceptable accuracy. Meanwhile, I continue to experiment with new bullets (including my replica of the original Sharps 45-550 long range bullet) different lubes and different papers, but until then, wash my hands before eating and my bore before shooting.

Of course, you are going to want to carry these things in the field, maybe more than just the one in the chamber too. The nay-sayers will tell you it can't be done. They're nuts. First, if you really worry about water or dampness destroying your not-so-delicate patches, you can waterproof them with Blair's #105 Spray Fixative (found in most art supply stores and departments - avoid Krylon's equivalent - it is reported to cause the paper to stick to the bullet - a BAD thing). To apply the fixative, saturate a paper towel with the stuff and roll your patched and dried bullets on the towel until the patch is well soaked. Stand the bullet on its base and let dry again. Then, apply the lube. Personally, I don't do this anymore.\A0 Just don't need it.